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Virginia Port reaches 100 per cent renewable energy milestone

Virginia Port reaches 100 per cent renewable energy milestone
The Port of Virginia has pledged to use only sustainable energy across all of its terminals in a bid to achieve its goal of being carbon-neutral by 2040. According to CEO Stephen A. Edwards, this move builds upon the port’s reputation as America’s Most Modern Gateway and is a key strategy to reducing both Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions.

The port has also signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Dominion Energy and a rider with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative to assure the generation and allocation of enough renewable energy for all current and future operations. The port is also investing heavily in sustainable endeavors, such as contributing to the development of the US East Coast’s first offshore wind logistics hub at Portsmouth Marine Terminal.

Chapter 1: Transitioning to Sustainable Energy: A New Chapter for Virginia’s Port

The docking hub of Virginia (POV) is set to run solely on sustainable energy across all its terminals, making strides towards its ambition of becoming carbon-neutral by 2040.

Asserting this significant development, Stephen A. Edwards, the CEO and Executive Director of POV, shed light on Virginia’s pioneering efforts. He proudly declared, “No other significant maritime hub on the East Coast of the US powers its full-scale operations on purely clean electricity. We’re proud to be leading the way and enhancing our standing as America’s Most Advance Gateway.

“Our cargo functionalities and general performance are of international caliber. By implementing these sustainability goals that mirror our operational tactics, we are leading the way in a contemporary approach to achieving our environmental targets,” he added.

The Port of Virginia distinguishes itself through a calculated 45 per cent reduction in carbon emissions for each cargo unit, effectively balancing out its carbon footprint. The decrease reportedly falls under two areas—Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Scope 1 falls under exhaust emissions produced by equipment. In contrast, Scope 2 emissions stem from the electrical power used to run and charge electronic equipment and facilitate functionalities like lighting, heating, and cooling in port buildings, among others.

Chapter 2: Embracing Innovation: Port of Virginia’s Journey Towards Clean Energy

Glenn Davis, the Director of the Virginia Department of Energy, acknowledged the port’s leadership in the era of green energy. He noted, “The Port of Virginia has continually led through innovation and expansion. Now, they extend that leadership into the realm of energy by powering their entire operations with 100 per cent clean energy.”

Within their operations, the port has 116 electric stacking cranes, four electric rail cranes, and 27 electric Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes. This all-electric fleet is set to grow as the port continues its focus on North Berth’s optimization at Norfolk International Terminals, thus promoting an increase in fleet size.

POV highlighted key contributions from a Power Purchase Agreement with Dominion Energy and a rider with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative in achieving this green power transition. The agreement ensures adequate production and allocation of renewable energy to meet all present and prospective operating megawatt requirements.

An impressive $220 million is reportedly being invested by the port to establish the first offshore wind logistics hub on the US East Coast in Portsmouth at the Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT).

POV shared the project’s contribution to Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, the largest offshore wind energy farm in America with 176 units situated off Virginia Beach. The initial significant components for the project are being received and stored at PMT.

In October 2023, Port Technology International (PTI) acknowledged the Port of Virginia as their esteemed Host Partner for the Container Terminal Automation Conference North America (CTAC) 2023.

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