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Understand and manage the environmental impacts of your terminal with the world’s #1 carbon emissions calculator. Our CO2 footprint live monitor gets you compliant with the regulations.

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With our solutions, get precise results on your operations environmental impact.


Get live monitoring for all your machines, whether they are fuel-powered, hybrid, or electric.


The carbon footprint has become a KPI for terminal efficiency, and it can sometimes be complicated to measure.


This complexity arises due to all the direct and indirect carbon emissions caused by the terminal's activities.
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Measure all emissions (in)direct
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Data connection

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4-Steps carbon offset process

☁️ Understanding your terminal carbon emissions

Before you can begin calculating your carbon emissions, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of what they are.

These emissions primarily come from the operation of machinery and vehicles, such as cranes, trucks, and ships, involved in container handling and transportation. They release carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, significantly impacting climate change and global warming.

Our process ⚙️

Our footprint calculator steers the entire terminal business towards streamlined carbon accounting, seamlessly integrating the finest AI technology in our process.

1. Pinpoint your carbon emission sources
We start by identifying emission sources including energy usage, transportation, and indirect factors like waste management.
2. Gather essential carbon emission data
We collect (via DB access or API) detailed data for each emission source, such as energy bills and fuel consumption, to prepare our algorithms for accurate calculations.
3. We calculate your carbon footprint
We use live-gathered data to calculate emissions from each source, translating energy and fuel usage into CO2 equivalents.
4. Offset your effective carbon footprint
Offset your calculated carbon footprint by investing in verified carbon reduction projects, such as AI projects for fluidization of container terminals.
All direct and indirect CO2 emissions

📐We measure everything to give you precise outcomes

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Live CO2 measurement

💪 Empower your terminal with real-time CO2 insights

Instantly assess your environmental impact, bolster grant applications, and make informed decisions based on CO2 emissions.

User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface
Gasoil KPIs
Liters of fuel
Electricity KPIs
Tons of CO2
Benefits for your terminal

Measure your environmental actions

Support your grant applications

Take CO2-emission driven decisions

Carbon impacts minimized

🧮 Minimize the impacts of your terminal carbon emissions

Carbon score visibility
Showcase your terminal’s Carbon Score prominently to stakeholders.
Custom widget integration
Easily embed the CO2 calculator in any website page.
Real-time data access
Get instant access to your container terminal live carbon emissions data.
API for system integration
Seamlessly and fastly integrate with your existing IT systems.
Comprehensive reporting
Generate detailed reports for internal and external use.
User-friendly interface
Navigate effortlessly through a well-designed UI/UX.
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Direct emissions:
Fleet vehicles
Cargo handling equipments
Buildings (e.g., boilers, furnaces, etc.).
Other emissions sources
Indirect emissions:
Electricity for buildings and operations.
Rail locomotives
Harbor crafts
Tenant buildings
Community of port and employees
Decarbonation of the port industry

DMSLOG is a leading actor of the port decarbonation

⚖️ Get compliant with your local and international CO2 regulations.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, United Nations Climate Change, Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development, UN Environment Programme, The European Council, USA Department of Energy…

Calculate your terminal carbon emissions DMSLOG.Ai is labelled Innovative Solution for Sustainable Ports
Compliance and Performance

🎯 Stay ahead with your carbon emission compliance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) highlighting the importance of carbon compliance in container terminals.


Carbon neutrality objective


Carbon emissions for 2023


CO2 Per year


Container terminal
How long does the live-calculator take to deploy?

📅 Your carbon calculator project timeline

Our carbon emissions monitor only needs to access your data (TOS / GOS / CMMS), then our Ai calculation model takes over to give you a live efficient measure with explainability.

Week 1VPN / IPSEC tunnel connection
Week 1Database / API access + ETL activation
Week 2Configuration of your calculator
Week 3Your calculator is live
Week 4Generate a report
Week 5Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint
Week 6Secure institutional funding for your Ai projects
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Carbon emission calculator

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You still have a question about our carbon emission calculator?

We connect to your database via API or Database access.

Become greener and CO2 compliant.

The calculator assesses the carbon emissions generated by container terminal operations, including the use of machinery, vehicles, and energy. It provides a detailed measurement of your terminal’s impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

The calculation is based on various factors such as the amount of fuel used by vehicles and machinery, energy consumption in buildings and facilities, and emissions from indirect sources like waste management. It combines these data points to give a comprehensive overview of the terminal’s carbon footprint.

Yes, the calculator is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing terminal management systems. It comes with an API that allows for easy data exchange and ensures that carbon footprint monitoring becomes an integral part of your terminal operations.

Absolutely. The calculator adheres to internationally recognized standards and methodologies for carbon accounting, ensuring that your terminal’s carbon footprint assessment is accurate and credible.

By providing detailed and accurate data on where and how emissions are generated, the calculator enables terminal managers to identify key areas for improvement. This insight can guide investment in more efficient technologies, operational changes, and strategies for carbon offsetting, leading to a significant reduction in the terminal’s overall carbon emissions.

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