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Save unneeded resources on your container terminal with our resources planner

Our unique resources planner estimates the number of container moves expected > calculates the machines and dockers needed > matches the machines-dockers regarding your HR rules > and shows you how much you saved compared to a similar day.

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Plug-and-play container terminal resources planner

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Discover the unique advantages of our container terminal resources planner: Exclusive to DMSLOG.Ai, the power of Combinatorial optimization and machine learning algorithms. Explore our key innovations.

Save unproductive movements

💪 Impacts and benefits

-10% unprod. moves
Optimizes flows
-10% fuel
Reduce your fossil fuel consumption
-10% CO2
Reduce your carbon impact
Real-time Insights

unproductive container movements reduction

Live monitoring of some KPI of the current shift in a container terminal is of utmost importance for operational effectiveness and real-time decision-making. This allows terminal managers and supervisors to gain immediate visibility into the terminal’s performance.

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Workflow Optimization dynamic working lists

A working list denotes a compilation of containers intended for departure in the upcoming time period.

This list is dynamic and requires preparation during a shift operation and subsequent execution during off-peak working hours. The proactive generation of dynamic working lists during live terminal activity monitoring serves as a strategic initiative to minimize future activity peaks.

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Efficient Departure Planning
Dynamic list preparation.
Activity Peak Minimization
Proactive list generation.
Resources planning process involves several key data

📐 Predictions of container terminal operation workload

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How does your Ai-Resources Planner works?

Ai is not magic 🪄... it's high-level mathematics 🧮 applied with common sense logic

1. Our API extracts your data.
2. Our algorithms compile your data into predictions.
3. Those forecasts are shown to the users.

DMS Prediction: Interpretation and Feedback Insights

In a highly competitive and time-sensitive industry, such as container terminal management, the interpretability of AI model predictions becomes a linchpin for success, enabling informed and adaptive decision-making that ultimately drives operational excellence.

Optimize workflow
Streamline tasks for heightened efficiency and smoother operations in container terminals.
Optimize terminal's efficiency
Boost overall performance through informed decisions and predictive insights in real-time.

The ability to interpret insights derived from predictive analysis is influential, as it offers a comprehensive grasp of what elements are taken into account in the prediction process and, equally importantly, what factors are not considered (see interface below).

Within the dynamic and complex environment of container terminal operations, terminal managers and operators will heavily rely on these predictions not only to inform their decision-making processes but also to gain a profound understanding of the factors influencing these predictions. 

This level of comprehension empowers stakeholders to anticipate potential risks and challenges, providing them with the tools to: :

  • proactively address and
  • mitigate any potential operational obstacles.

 The refined understanding of predictions enables managers to adjust operational strategies, and optimize workflow to maintain the terminal’s efficiency and productivity.

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DMS Prediction: Workload Distribution & Yard Cranes Dispatch

Before the implementation of visual representations and workload predictions, terminal managers struggled to efficiently position yard cranes and identify bottlenecks. This lack of tools led to suboptimal productivity and operational inefficiencies.

Optimized Crane Placement
Strategic crane positioning for enhanced efficiency in container terminal operations.
Proactive Management
Anticipate and prevent bottlenecks with predictive workload insights for smoother operations.

Additional indicators that also showcase workload predictions and distribution over yard blocks assist in identifying potential bottlenecks, enabling terminal operators to take preventive measures and streamline operations.

Visual representations displaying the optimal placement of yard cranes across yard blocks provide terminal managers with a clear understanding of how to position these cranes efficiently, considering factors such as vessel berth schedules, yard layout and container flow.

These visualizations not only offer a comprehensive overview of the terminal’s operations but also serve as decision-support tools:

  • empowering managers to make informed choices for improving productivity,
  • reducing operational bottlenecks, and
  • enhancing overall efficiency within the container terminal.

Optimal crane placement and workload distribution enable agile and data-driven decision-making to meet the demands of a dynamic and highly competitive container terminal industry.

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DMS Prediction: A Study of Diverse Scenario Analyses

Without the insights gained from simulations and prediction models, decision-makers may lack the ability to anticipate and prepare for various challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Scenario Planning
Enhance strategy with simulations, preparing terminals for operational challenges and opportunities.
Decide with Certainty
Boost decision confidence with data-driven simulations for proactive risk management.

These simulations encompass alterations in the number of deployed machines during a shift, allowing the user to observe the resultant impacts on variables such as vessel schedule variations, yard crane operations, and quay cranes productivity.

The comprehensive insights gained through such analyses instill a sense of assurance in decision-making, as users can make informed choices based on data-driven simulations rather than relying solely on intuition or past experiences.

Consequently, this heightened confidence in the decision-making process contributes to better risk management, allowing terminals to proactively

  • identify,
  • assess, and
  • mitigate risks.

Users can adapt their planning more effectively and ensure sustained growth and resilience in their operations while fostering an environment of innovation and continuous improvement.

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From Live Monitoring to Dynamic Working Lists

Before dynamic working lists, terminal operations struggled with peak-hour efficiency, causing bottlenecks and resource strain. The absence of proactive measures hindered workflow and required additional resources.

Efficient Remarshaling
Optimize container movements for enhanced terminal efficiency.
Proactive Peak Management
Strategically minimize future activity peaks, ensuring smoother terminal operations.

Dynamic working lists offer a sizable advantage in the realm of terminal operations, particularly in orchestrating effective remarshaling movement recommendations for container preparations.

A working list denotes a compilation of containers intended for departure in the upcoming time period. This list is dynamic and requires preparation during a shift operation and subsequent execution during off-peak working hours. 

This strategic utilization of low-peak periods not only optimizes the existing resources but also contributes to a more efficient workflow. It allows terminals to proactively manage the yard, ensuring containers are strategically placed for upcoming movements, thus reducing the need for additional resources in future shifts. 

Optimize terminal workflow with dynamic working lists, strategically preparing containers during low-peak hours to reduce bottlenecks and enhance overall efficiency.

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Decarbonation of the port industry

DMSLOG is a leading actor of the port decarbonation

⚖️ Get compliant with your local and international CO2 regulations.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, United Nations Climate Change, Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development, UN Environment Programme, The European Council, USA Department of Energy…

Calculate your terminal carbon emissions DMSLOG.Ai is labelled Innovative Solution for Sustainable Ports
Resources planner metrics

📈 Our container terminal resources planner KPIs

We provide the most powerfull container terminal resources planner on the market.


tons of CO2


digital twins strategies


unprod. Moves.


containers handled
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Resources planner pricing 🏷️

This system has been designed to analyze and process vast amounts of data in real-time, enabling terminal operators to make informed decisions and maximize operational efficiency.

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Workload Prediction
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VPN / IPSec encryption
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📅 Resources planner project timeline

Our Resources planner is configured month #1, tested month #2, and deployed month #3 to get your ROI month #3.

Month 1Data acquisition cleaning, compilation
Month 2Algorithm development, testing and validation
Month 3Beta version release and integration (POC)
Month 3Beta version adjustments
Month 3Final version release and API integration
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Resources planner Internationalization

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You still have a question about our Resources planner?

In your data we are able to identify similar days to compare and calculate our efficiency of our olanner container terminal resources.

Yes, not only can the recruitment offered by DMS be adjusted manually by an operator, but also access to the platform can be given to any authorized user.

If you have to do your recruitment before 2 p.m. the day before, we ensure that the result of the predictions is optimal at that time.

However, you can always launch a new schedule until the start of your shift.

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