Transform your container terminal into a Smart Port with Ai, Machine Learning & Digital Twins.
Get quick ROI, decongestion and decarbonation
Transform your terminal into a Smart Port

Get high-speed internet by satellite with Starlink and DMSLOG.Ai

Enhancing port operations through unparalleled high-speed internet and data exchange improves efficiency, crew welfare, safety, remote monitoring, and compliance… while reducing costs and bolstering security on your terminal.

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Starlink internet on your terminal

Starlink, an internet satellite service supported by

Advantages of a reliable connectivity

🛰️ Startlink, the #1 internet satellite connection for port terminals

Discover how a robust internet connection can transform your port activities and bring you in the Smart Port era.

High scalability


Starlink accelerates communication and data exchange, streamlining port operations, and facilitating API/EDI interactions.
Process improvement


Efficient operations enabled by Starlink not only streamline processes but also significantly reduce operational expenses.
Reliable network


This improves safety, aids in adhering to maritime regulations, and enhances security measures for port terminals.
Digitalization of the terminal


Facilitating IoT and AI integrations, Starlink enables a more intelligent and connected port environment.
Experienced in port terminal +20y expertise

👍 Why choose DMSLOG.Ai for your Starlink installation ?

Leveraging two decades of wireless tech expertise and numerous port installations.

Select DMSLOG.AI for your Starlink installations. Our expert team ensures your port terminal is equipped with the latest in satellite technology, guaranteeing enhanced efficiency, safety, and connectivity.

Experience the future of maritime operations with DMSLOG.AI.

All-Inclusive Starlink setup for ports 🚢

From quotation to full setup, a complete Starlink installation service.

1. Initial consultation
Quick and personalized assessment to understand your specific needs.
2. Equipment installation
Professional installation of the Starlink dish and related hardware.
3. Network configuration
Setting up and optimizing your network for maximum efficiency.
4. Post-installat° support
Ongoing assistance to ensure seamless operation and updates.
Get unlimited high-speed data

Starlink pricing 🏷️

The terminal independently purchases its own Starlink receiver and subscription, while DMSLOG.Ai is responsible for providing the installation service and maintenance.

For a container terminal, DMSLog.Ai recommends installing 2 Starlink boxes (1 production + 1 backup) with a single subscription. Typically, the installation of Starlink at a port terminal requires approximately 5 days of work ($1,000 per day).

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Flat High-performance Box

2 867/Starlink box

+25Mbps Upload / 20ms Latency
Connect to Ethernet port router
Better signal to noise ratio
3x better speeds at >35°C (95°F)
Better weather resistance
Priority - 4TB


Optimal for middle size terminal
Bandwidth for +20users/IoT
High-speed service
Public IP
Telemetry dashboard
Installation in any port terminal

🌍 Starlink installation: available on your terminal

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Secure fleet management, remote monitoring

Remotely monitor and manage your Starlink fleet from a single portal

Starlink implements end-to-end encryption to protect your data as well as the privacy of user traffic.

Cutting-edge technology benefits

🪐 Key features of Starlink for ports

Exceptional speeds connection
Download speeds ranging from 100 to 200 Mbps and robust upload speeds, essential for rapid data transfer and operational efficiency.
Advanced bandwidth management
Features the capability to prioritize and allocate bandwidth according to operational demands, ensuring optimal use of resources for various port activities.
Consistent performance and reliable network
Guarantees reliable speeds even in high-demand situations, coupled with a stable internet connection that remains consistent even in remote locations.
Low latency for real-time operations
Facilitates real-time communication and swift response times, critical for maritime operations where every second counts.
Scalable solutions for diverse needs
Offers customizable solutions that can be tailored to the specific size and needs of any port, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in various operational scenarios.
Future-proof technology with global coverage
Regularly updated technology that keeps pace with evolving industry demands, along with uninterrupted global internet access, ensuring ports remain connected and up-to-date anywhere in the world.
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Starlink features:
Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards
Generation : Wifi 5
Dual Band Radio - 3 x 3 MIMO
WPA2 security
Average power consumption 50 to 75 W
What does Elon Musk say?

Elon MUSK supports the Smart Port industry

Starlink is a secure, reliable network that proves to be a better compromise than fiber in the event of a power outage, bad weather or otherwise.

The best internet connection

Starlink is a product by SpaceX

SpaceX is supported by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the federal agency responsible for the majority of the United States civil space program.

A few Starlink stats...

Starlink in numbers 🎯

Starlink’s performance, coverage, and technological capabilities in maritime connectivity.


Starlinks satellites


Bandwidth Speed


Countries covered


Container terminals
Simple order and setup

📅 Starlink deployment timeline

Streamlined process from ordering to enjoying connectivity.

Week 1Ordering process
Week 2Equipment delivery
Week 3Audit of your iT network
Week 3Setup by DMSLOG.Ai engineer
Week 3Connection and configuration
Talk to a project manager

You still have a question about Starlink high-speed internet installation?

Starlink is a reliable network that is available almost everywhere on Earth. To learn more about network status and availability depending on your location, you can go here.

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DMSLog.AI takes care of everything for the terminal. We take care of ordering, receiving and installing. And we make sure the hardware performs optimally for all your needs.

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