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Transform your terminal into a Smart Port
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Book an “Ai readiness” audit for your terminal to measure your maturity and know how to be ready for an Ai innovation project. We do an onsite audit of your IT systems, data and RH in order to deliver an actionable plan for your Smart Port transformation.

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What are the deliverables ?

What's included in the audit “Ai readiness” ?

Each section of the audit is designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive and systematic approach to preparing your IT infrastructure for AI integration.

1. Initial Assessment and Planning
Report on IT infrastructure state, business goal alignment; plan for AI integration.
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2. Data and Management Audit
Data infrastructure, improvement recommendations; roadmap for management strategy.
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3. Technology Stack and Tools Evaluation
Review of tech stack for AI readiness with recommendations; required AI tools list.
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4. Skills and Knowledge Assessment
Comprehensive skills assessment report with detailed plan for targeted training and development.
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5. Compliance and Ethical Considerations
Compliance report with recommendations for ethical artificial intelligence practices.
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6. Development of AI Strategy and Roadmap
Comprehensive strategic AI implementation plan; detailed roadmap with clear timelines, key milestones.
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7. Final Presentation and Feedback
Final AI readiness audit report; actionable, agreed-upon AI implementation plan.
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8. Full report + visio (1 week later)
Delivery of the global report of the audit, usually sent a week after the final presentation.
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Who benefits from it ?

What are the
benefits and impacts ?

Each terminal top manager of your terminal benefits from the “Ai readiness” audit, which offers them a better context projection and roadmap for your future innovation projects and Smart Port transformation..

Be Smart Port ready
Get new insights + KPIs
Get Ai readiness plan
Better budget planning
After your AI audit

After the audit… what happens ?

You will have all the keys to prepare your infrastructure and team to launch your first successful Ai project !

And we can still help you...

You don't want to upgrade your IT yourself ?

If you don't have the time to deploy the recommandations from the audit, we can take care of your data architecture upgrade to Ai with our 'IT Ai upgrade' services:

Mission Data Architecture

In the Mission Data Architecture phase, we focus on designing a robust and scalable data architecture tailored to your terminal’s specific needs.

Our approach involves a comprehensive analysis of your current data management practices, followed by the conception of an optimized data architecture.

This architecture will be designed to handle both structured SQL databases and flexible noSQL systems, ensuring versatility and efficiency in data handling.

We emphasize creating a system that supports large-scale data processing and analytics, crucial for AI-driven decision-making in container terminal operations.


Strategic Documents
Strategic Documents
Data Architecture Blueprint
Tech. Recommendation
Data Governance Framework
Design and Prototyping
Design and Prototyping
UML Diagram
Prototype Design
Integration Strategy Report

Mission Data Warehouse

The Mission Data Warehouse phase is dedicated to the actual construction of your data warehouse, either in the Cloud or on-premises, based on the architecture designed in the previous phase.

Our team will implement a scalable and secure data warehouse that serves as the backbone for your AI applications.

This warehouse will be capable of aggregating, storing, and processing vast amounts of data from various sources within your terminal operations, providing a unified view for advanced analytics and AI-driven insights.


Implementation and Testing
Implementation and Testing
Data Warehouse Integration
Customized ETL Processes
Performance Testing Results
Security and Training
Security and Training
Security and Compliance Report
User Training Materials
Operational Integration Guide

Mission API Creation

In the Mission API Creation phase, our focus shifts to developing robust API endpoints that facilitate seamless integration of your data warehouse with other IT systems.

This step is crucial for ensuring that your AI solutions can interact efficiently with existing applications and data sources.

Our team will create well-documented, secure, and scalable APIs that support various data operations essential for real-time analytics and AI-driven decision-making in port container terminals.


Development and Documentation
Development and Documentation
API Development Plan
API Documentation
Security Protocols Report
Integration and Support
Integration and Support
Integration Guide
Post-Deployment Support
API Performance Analysis

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