Transform your container terminal into a Smart Port with Ai, Machine Learning & Digital Twins.
Get quick ROI, decongestion and decarbonation
Transform your terminal into a Smart Port

Transform your terminal into a Smart Port with Ai

Plug your data in our Ai tools > get our predictions for the next days > optimize your operations, decongest your gates and decarbonize your port.

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Plug-and-play applications

Our Ai solutions

These SaaS applications can be configured month #1 (VPN connection + DB/API access), tested month #2, and deployed month #3 to get your ROI month #4.

Ai is a new topic in the port industry and it can be a huge innovation plan for terminal operators.

DMSLOG.Ai solutions are already used on a daily basis around the world, which raises every uncertainty about the deployment, integration and results.

Feel confident with your AI project ! PTI article: how to deploy Ai with startup?
Example of achieved results

Impacts and benefits

Vincent L. – Montréal terminal’s Business Applications Manager – talks about his DMSLOG.Ai project success (at the CTAC North Virginia nov. 2023).

-1.3Kg CO2
saving per TEU
-5 $
saving per TEU
+15% crane productivity
Unproductive mov. reduct°
Benefits for your terminal

Make your terminal more fluid, efficient and therefore attractive

DMS acts as a conductor and allows your terminal to reach the new shipping lines of tomorrow and larger vessels.

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Benefits for your carriers

Lower your Truck Turn-around Time (TTT)

Transporters using the VBS DMS benefit from recommendation and automatic decision support before making an appointment. In addition, some appointments can be completely automated.

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Help with decision making
AI flow prediction algorithm
Automatic appointment booking
[Autopilot] mode available
Top Managers Point Of View

Directors main benefits 🚀

Each top manager of your terminal benefits from the solution.

Better EBITDA + Terminal attractiveness
Decarbonize your terminal and save money
Auto. orchestrate the ballet of trucks and containers
Get databases / data structure optimizations
Lower your CAPEX/OPEX
Inhouse patented Ai algorithms

🚢 Our Ai algorithms to Decongest and Decarbonize your terminal

All our Ai algorithms are designed and produced inhouse by the DMSLOG.Ai doctoral team. These combined algorithms power our solutions and web applications. Besides, they can also be organized individually according to your needs to create your tailor-made Ai solutions… like the Lego you’ve dreamt of !

Lebanese University

DMSLOG.Ai logistics PhDs, doctors in Artificial Intelligence and engineers work since 2019 in partnership with the Institut des Mines (top tier logistics AI research center in Europe) on the modeling of innovative algorithms on containers flow forecasts specialized on hinterland (= inland supply-chain).

Quota forecast by slots
Automate your daily forecast and setup.
TTT prediction
Share Truck Turnaround Time visibility with truckers
Empty inventory forecast
Manage quality and quantity of empty stock.
Automated working lists
Improve your stacking and remarshalling strategies.
Pregate > Lane orientation
Priorize the fastest operations
Dwell time forecast
Improve your TOS stacking strategies
Auto. appointments
Choose the best appointments for each transporter
TOS/GOS API binding
Send and inject direct instructions to your softwares
Decarbonation of the port industry

DMSLOG is a leading actor of the port decarbonation

⚖️ Get compliant with your local and international CO2 regulations.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, United Nations Climate Change, Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development, UN Environment Programme, The European Council, USA Department of Energy…

Calculate your terminal carbon emissions DMSLOG.Ai is labelled Innovative Solution for Sustainable Ports

Our IT, Consulting and Project Management services 🤝

For any project deployment, we support you in the following steps.

5 star expertise on the latest tech

Design, Simulation, Analysis
Design, Simulation, Analysis

DMS ensures that the configuration of your Ai solution meets your expectations, respects your policies and internal rules, and corresponds to your objectives.

Helpdesk and user support
Helpdesk and user support

We are at your disposal for technical assistance 7 days a week, to help you in all your steps.

Project management, implementation and training
Project management, implementation and training

Whether you have an IT team or not, available or not, we provide engineers and project managers to ensure the proper deployment of your Ai solution.

Our local IT partners.
Our local IT partners.

From the web hosting of your Ai solution, to the training of your users, DMSLOG.Ai works with local partners and integrators, in all regions of the world.